“Start with the heart”, is something I always remember my Grandmother saying; and she was absolutely right.

I followed my heart into the creative industry where every day was different. I fell in love with the opportunity to conceptualise and bring ideas to life for TV campaigns, direct mail pieces, radio ads and email campaigns.

It’s this decade long experience that has given me the tools to build my own design company with the desire to help others discover the heart of their business and make it a visual reality.

The drive to make meaningful connections drew me to Bristol, a city that matches my creative enthusiasm and it’s here that I base my business.

I have been blessed to work with many inspired individuals and business owners across the country delivering branding, name and strapline generation, website design, art direction, graphic design and photography.


Louise is my name and design is my game. Originally born in South Wales, I’ve always been inspired by design and craft. I spent my teenage years figuring out how to make a talent for art into a career before stumbling across a Graphic Design + Advertising degree at Buckinghamshire University.

The following decade was spent working in ad agencies throughout London before moving to Bristol to start a family.

When I’m not sketching ideas or scrolling through Pinterest I love dancing in my kitchen to cheesy 80’s playlists, making anything that includes glitter with my children and hanging out with my besties over cake and a cup of tea (it’s all about the tea – I’ve never drunk coffee in my life!).


It takes a lot of things to keep me ticking - Earl Grey being one of them and an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest. But most of all it's the desire to create beautiful things that gets me up in the morning.


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